Soleluna Casa Pousada - Trancoso, Bahia, Brazil

Soleluna with its spacious suspended bungalows,  equipped with kitchens (all except one), excellent WIFI & Cable Tv is an ideal tropical retreat for extended stayings,  bringing together modern comfort and hand-made rustic essential design.    

Trancoso is a unique paradises in the world.  A sanctuary of natural beauty,  a continuos cinematographic experience,  with its somptuos beaches and cliffs,  botanical variety,   warm ocean waters year round,   rural bucolic farms,  indian territoritories and preserved lands,  friendly people,  an international flare,  elegant restaurants.   The untarnished coast is immense,  and mesmerizing.   Favela sounds and animation in the natives area of town.     Eco-sports are at the beginning of their exploration.   To us even more interesting than in other already exploited areas.  

You can trust that Trancoso can offer much more than a hit and run vacation.


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500 mts do Quadrado, Central mais afastado.