Soleluna Casa Pousada - Trancoso, Bahia, Brazil

Trancoso, Costa de Descubrimento, Bahia


Trancoso é conhecido pelas suas praias infinitas, natureza de tirar o fôlego, pessoas bonitas de todo mundo, uma noite vibrante, com um atmosfera elegante e sofisticada.   Além de ter um dos campos de golf mais famosos da América do Sul.

Trancoso is no doubt one of the most incredible paradises in the world. A sanctuary of natural beauty.   Immense beaches and cliffs, infinite botanical variety and landscapes, warm ocean waters year round, friendly people, beautiful people.   The Quadrado has a unique magic charm,  together with its elegant restaurants and shops, mixed with real natives' life,  makes it one of the most exclusive original and unforgettable places to visit in the world.    And it doesn't end there.   Nearby  spectacular beaches to visit.  Indian communities.  Eco-sports at the beginning of their discovery,    Trancoso can offer much more than a hit and run vacation.

In our page named LOCATION we've mapped the area with our preferred beaches,  mid and high budget restaurants,  and places to go.

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500 mts do Quadrado, Central mais afastado.