Dedicated to happiness and the beauty of life.

Soleluna is not a 24 hour service hotel,  our concept of ideal hospitality tries to deliver dedicated services,  within a dreamy beautiful space,  while preserving a laid-back,  feel at home experience.   We are really happy when we perceive that our guests enjoy and relax,  and are able to renovate their energies.    We always wish to deliver an experience that will bring them back for a long time in their memories,   the will to come back,  but even more to believe in the new urgent and emerging values that we are secretly all together shaping and sharing.    Sustainable,  ultra green,  elegant therefore simple and gentle,  revolutionary therefore comfortable,  yet green,  preserving,  balanced,  democratic,  and respectful of local culture and talent.    

Our newly born BISTRO WITH HAPPY HOUR DRINKS,  organic fast foods,    is our newly born evening service.     

Beginning of 2019 we are launching five new bungalows,   which will become 7 total,  in the next months,   as with all the others,  open to contemplative suspended cinematographic tropical views.  

Soleluna will be away from everything yet in the center of Trancoso and Bahia.   With international modern design touches,  yet immersed in reminiscences of ancestral crafts,  that give an indigenous-balinese-Japanese flavor.

New pools are upcoming.    Water from our drill,  pure,  tested,  delighting,  and primordial,  with no added contaminants,  will be cycling and dancing all around the interiors and the exteriors of our pools,  and gardens  with its gracious blessing effects.

The tropical greens will take some time,  but by the end of 2019 will start showing their beautifulwhisperof life.    Nourished by OUR OWN organic recycling and from local farmers NATURAL FERTILIZERS.   

We are firmly committed to invest in team with local companies or alone,  in a SOLAR PLANT that will turn Soleluna 100% GREEN by the end of 2019.

But most of all we are a team of people who share values.     We are not professionals.    We are not an hotel.    We work with passion,  although nothing is easy and life is not simple.   We do our best to deliver a simple experience and message.     Our passion is your passion.     And we are happy when our guests are happy.  

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