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Our most recent new bungalows,     in proximity of a new infinity border pool,   surrounded by a huge deck,  that invites to relax,  socialize,  and contemplate surrounded by beauty.      

Designed combining influences,   Bahia,  Bali,  rustic hand made woods crafted by local artisans,  decorated by pieces of light contemporary design.   

Two of these bungalows are based on the redesigning of  modernist concrete volumes left by antique owners who abandoned the construction half-way.    The final result combine reminiscences of modernist brutal  concrete construction with local handcrafted woods and materials.     An abundance of flora cover the exterior walls with FLORA pending and creeping up the walls.   

The third bungalow used the same foundation but developed the volumes on a more traditional structure reminiscent of Japanese and colonial architecture.      

Unique surprising spaces,  with all the comforts  to feel at home,  yet away from everything.    

 60  m²